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Soul links descriptions

Post by peogaw on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:44 am

A large population of ragnarok players have never used the soul linker class before so they would not know what each link does, so i will post the skill descriptions on here because apart from making your screen go blue, you also gain special abilities (so dont flame people who soul link you because i have seen noobs do that in the past)

Alchemist link:
-This link increases the efficacy of your potion pitcher potions by the % of the base level of the soul linker so if i (a lvl 99 soul linker) were to link an alchemist, then the potion that the alchemist throws will heal 99% more.
-It also allows the alchemist to throw beserk potion meaning characters like snipers and assasins can gain the effects of the beserk potion that they have been wanting for the last decade.

-If the alchemist has pharmacy at lvl 10, then they will be able to perform twilight alchemy lvl 1 which is the synthesis of 200 white potions all at once (a lot of time saved, success rates are unchanged)
-If there is a super novice in the party, then the alchemist will be able to use twlight alchemy lvl 2 which is the synthesis of 200 condensed white potions. As with the lvl 1 version, the success rates for the potions do not change however a significant amount of time is saved
-If there is a taekwon class in the party, soul linkers and star gladiators count, then the alchemist can use twilight alchemy lvl 3 which is the synthesis of 100 alchohols, 50 acid bottles and 50 bottle grenades all at once, as with the previous twilight alchemys, this skill does not affect success rate but saves a lot of time.

Twilight alchemy must only be attempted when the player has enough ingredients to make the product already or else the skill will fail

Blacksmith link:
-If they have adrenaline rush lvl 5, then they will be able to use full adrenaline rush. Full adrenaline rush decreases the attack delay (not the same as increasing attack speed) of the smith by 30%, and will decrease nearby party members attack delay by 20%, the skill is stackable so if there were two smiths in the party that used full adrenaline rush, then the attack delay would be reduced to 56% giving a total of 44% reduction in attack delay. This reduction will not stack with any effects that directly increase the attack speed.

-in simple terms, you will not notice a change in attack speed in the stats section, but you will notice that you prod porings a lot faster than you did before

Star Gladiator link:
-Allows the star gladiator to use the union skill
-The union skill turns the star gladiator into a pink translucent colour like the lord knights beserk and the player will float, if the player sits in this state, he will eventually rise above the scren and dissapear until you stand up
-Apart from the popular floating animation, union also increases movement speed and attacks will not only ignore defence but also they will never miss. The side effect is that every attack made against a monster will decrease hp by 2% and every attack made against a player will decrease hp by 8%. Also if the star gladiator attacks a player with only 20% hp left, he/she will instantly die.

Soul linker link:
-Allows soul linkers to use Ka type spells on everyone, here are the list of spells:
Kaizel: One auto ressurection with (10 x skill level of the soul linkers kaizel) hp restored
Kaite: Reflects all magic that does damage on the player twice at level 5-7, once at level 1-4. Does not affect stone curse because it doesnt do damage, boss monsters bypass this buff
Kaahi: Every time the user is attacked, the skill restores (200 x skill level of kaahi) hp to the victim. All attacks will activate this skill regardless of whether the attack misses, or the user is at full health thus will reduce sp significantly in a short amount of time
Kaupe: At level 3 will 100% evade one attack on the player, skills like sonic blow and spiral piercing count as one attack, skills like lord of vermillion does 4 attacks so kaupe only dodges the first wave of attacks.

Assasin link:
-Sonic blow damage is doubled
-Sonic blow cooldown time is halved so sonic blow can be used twice as fast
-During War of emperium, sonic blow damage is reduced to 25% with no cooldown bonus

Rogue link:
-Dispell will not remove your buffs eg. blessing and agility up
-potions created by someone high in the alchemist ranks will be more effective
-Movement speed of tunnel drive will increase and the strength bonus received will last for 5 minutes

Crusader link:
-Shield boomerang (not shield chain) will never miss, the damage will be doubled and the cooldown time will be halved.

Knight link:
-Knights will be able to use 1 handed quicken if 2 handed quicken is at level 10. The increase in attack speed will be the same as 2 handed quicken. Only works with 1 handed swords.

Bard and dancer link:
-The songs affect the bards/dancers themselves as well as others
-The walking speed when singing and dancing is increased
-When linked, the player can use the buff of the opposite sex. for example, the bards version of song of lutie will increase maximum hp and also heal a small amount of hp, while the dancer version of this song is gypsy's kiss. If linked, a bard will be able to perform gypsy's kiss and a dancer will be able to perform song of lutie

Hunter link:
-Increases the effectiveness of beast bane
-If double strafing lvl 10 is learnt, then a modified version of the skill called beast strafing will be usable for the skills duration, beast strafing will do extra damage to monsters belonging to the beast and insect types

Monk link:
-while in the critical explosion state, sp still recovers (sp will not recover after using asura)
-Combo finish will become a 5x5 splash attack
-The sp used for combo finish is decreased

Priest link:
-Holy light damage is increased by 400%, this means it is 4x more powerful but it also has 4x the sp cost

Sage link:
-If a sage uses hindsight, the skill will always autocast the maximum level of the bolt learnt. The chances of using the skill do not change however the magic autocasted is much more powerful if the magic has been learnt

Wizard link:
-Wizards can use skill that require gemstones with no gemstones used, however the wizard still requires the gemstone to be in his inventory, the wizard can spam fire pillars with 1 red gemstone in his inventory but without the red gemstone, he is still unable to cast fire pillar
-Wizards who get their magic reflected by kaite will not get damaged if they have crystal fragments in thier inventory which will absorb the damage and disapear. The kaite buff still reflects the magic off the player but the wizard just doesnt get damaged.
-Gambantein will have reduced gemstone requirements but will still require gemstones

Super novice link:
-Super novices above lvl 90 can equip all types of headgears
-Super novices who die will recover 1% of their lost exp
-Super novices above lvl 96 will be able to equip all lvl 4 daggers, maces, 1h swords, axes and staffs for the duration of their link

Rebirth link:
-Soul links all rebirthed players under lvl 69 only
-If the rebirthed player has any stat that is under their (lvl - 10), then that stat will receive a +50 bonus

The next time a friendly soul linker links you free of charge you should thank them for giving you these nice buffs

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