RW + WOE [ Extension ]

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RW + WOE [ Extension ]

Post by Restless on Mon May 16, 2011 1:08 pm

This is how RW and WOE works in a bit way..
Since we don't Implement WOE's, My Idea is to mix WOE and RW.. it maybe a long way to configure this but this must be an alternative on the players who want WOE and RW..

These are the things to be Added and Configured/Changed:
- Replacement of Warp portal Instead of Soul Crystal in RW map.. This would be the warp to get into the Throne of the Race Gods.. Respawn point after entering the warp will be.. [Enero's Throne: payg_cas01 13, 151] [Aquana's Throne: prtg_cas01 75, 185]
- 2 Castle Maps Ex: of Kriemhild and Bright Arbor [This would be the throne of each Race Gods]
- Disabling Warp portals @prt_gld and pay_gld
- Instead of Crystal, the one your breaking should be this ID 2116/Enero, and 2119/Aquana.. but it has same element on Soul Crystal and Size..
- Same Guardians as RW but it was spawned all over the Throne Map..

Game Features:
- Extension Map for RW
- Same System as Previous RW
- Guild Maps w/ is Strategical
- WOE Castle Maps..


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Re: RW + WOE [ Extension ]

Post by Harmony on Thu Jun 02, 2011 6:03 pm

I'd say this sounds better than the current RW, and the configuration shouldn't take too long for someone with a little experience. The current map of RW doesn't give much for tactics.

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