My Introduction

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My Introduction

Post by Restless on Fri Apr 08, 2011 5:32 pm

Name: Mhoie

IGN: GM Restless

Legits: Boy Manyakis [Stalker] , JaRuLe [Ass X] and Lolo Sheldon [Creator]..

Fav. Food: Munay, Lahat na din ng msarap /e2..

Hobbies & Interest: Reading Books, Blogs, Playing RO, Making Basic RO scripts, Music & texting..

RO History: Been 5yrs - 6yrs in playing RO, and being a GM in several servers and a CO-ADMIN in Jaydan's past server..

Fav Motto: If I tagged you in my <3 would like it?.. Wink


tRust mEh cUz I'm yOuR cOndOm !!

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